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Is Make Up Safe?All You Need To Know

By - - [ Health ]
Is Make Up Safe
Is Make Up Safe

Is Make Up Safe? On average, a woman uses about 12 different cosmetics which contain about 168 chemicals.
Are your cosmetics safe? Is your makeup safe too? In this article, we are focusing on makeup products to find out if the lipstick, concealer, foundation, and many other makeup products are safe for you.

Many chemicals found in makeup products may have cancer-causing properties, can irritate the skin, ruin it with many health risks. We agree, we can’t deal without makeup but is it worth it? Think about short term beauty that might ruin your skin and health.

Let me clarify on this, not all makeup products will harm your skin. It is just some ingredients that have been found to be harmful to the skin.

The skin is the largest organ and protector of the body. It is however very delicate and can absorb any chemicals you apply on it. It is estimated that an average lipstick wearer absorbs to about 4 pounds of lipstick in a lifetime.

Furthermore, people might also ingest powders or other makeup products during use. There are many ways makeup can get into our body systems.

Should you be worried?

Is Makeup Safe, Make Up can be safe and healthy if the ingredients used in the making are approved and known to be safe for the skin.

It is advisable to read the ingredients on the product before buying it. Buying from a known brand also helps you to avoid products with harmful ingredients.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which is responsible for protecting public health against biological products, drugs, and others is not required to check cosmetics quality.

This means that various cosmetics and makeup products on the market may not meet standards. Therefore it shouldn’t be a guarantee just because the makeup product you are using was imported from the USA.

is makeup safe

Risks of dangerous chemicals in Makeup products.

Is make up safe, there are many risks associated with chemicals in makeup and the popular ones include;

  • Cancer.

Many harmful products found in makeup products are known to cause cancers. Though some products contain low quantities of cancer-causing chemicals, constant use increases the risk of getting cancers of the skin, breast, prostate, ovarian, and many others.

  • Endocrine disorders.

The endocrine system is a network of glands that produce and release hormones for important body functions. Some makeup products can cause disorders such as parabens.

  • Neurological problems.

Neurological disorders are diseases of the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, and other central and peripheral nervous systems.

  • Allergic reactions.

Some people’s skins get irritated by the use of some makeup products. The chemicals in them can cause itchy skin, redness, swelling, and many unpleasant reactions.

Harmful makeup ingredients.

Although some of the chemicals will not cause immediate damage to your health, the constant or daily use will cause negative reactions in the long term.

1. Lead

Some cosmetics contain lead, makeup products like eyeliners including kohl, kajal, and Surma contain high amounts of lead. However, even small doses of lead can cause damage to human health.
Exposure to lead is linked to reduced fertility, hormonal changes, neurotoxicity and can also lead to delayed puberty in girls.

In a research conducted by The campaign for safe cosmetics and the FDA, it was found out that out of 33 popular brands of lipstick 61% of them contained lead some even with levels of about 0.65 parts per million.

Another study by the FDA in 2010 found out that 400 lipsticks at levels of up to 7.19 pmm contained lead. Out of the 10 most contaminated brands in this study,5 of them were made by a popular brand L ‘Oreal USA.

2. Mercury.

Though mercury is known to be in skin lightening cosmetics, it is not safe for the skin.
Most cosmetics that promise to fade dark spots, blemishes, fine lines, and dark circles usually have mercury in them.

Mercury is highly toxic as it can lead to skin irritations, rashes, discoloration, and in worst cases, it can poison the kidney and nervous system.

According to Allure, long term use of mercury cosmetics can cause damage to the eyes, lungs, digestive, nervous and immune systems.

3. Talc.


Makeup products such as blushes, eye shadows, and bronzers contain talc. Talc is useful as it absorbs moisture, gives an opaque finish, and prevents the makeup from solidifying or caking.
However, talc poses health risks of cancer and skin-irritating effects.

4. Formaldehyde.

In many makeup products and cosmetics can be found formaldehyde a chemical that can cause chemical reactions, eye irritations, and damage to the respiratory system. This chemical is also thought to cause cancer.

5. Benzophenone

Many cosmetics that offer ultraviolet filtering contain Benzophenone. In makeup products, products such as lip balm usually contain Benzophenone.

This chemical is however linked to a high risk of cancer, endocrine disruption, irritation, and system toxicity.

6. Carbon black.

Some makeup products like mascara, eyeliner, and lipsticks contain carbon black to give these products color. However, this ingredient is not so healthy for the body. It is been linked to an increased risk of cancer especially lung cancer and skin cancer.

Carbon black also can lead to organ system toxicity, damage to the respiratory systems, and eyes.

7. Aluminum.

It is found in many makeup products such as lipsticks, eye makeup, and others. It is linked to cancer and neurological problems.

8. Parabens.

They are usually used in makeup products as preservatives. When they enter the body, they mimic estrogen causing an imbalance thus sparking off risks like breast cancer.

Although some products carry an amount that is recommended, constant use can still raise the chances of such risks.

9. Phthalates

These are a group of chemicals used in many makeup products and cosmetics.
Though the risk is minimal, Phthalates can cause an imbalance of hormones. The imbalance has a big link to breast cancer.

10. Triclosan.

It is found in makeup products and is known for contributing to antibiotic resistance and the development of skin cancer in the long term.

What should you do?


Just because you have heard that makeup may contain harmful chemicals, don’t stop your appointment to the skincare shop nor cancel your order. Makeup can be safe or either way.

Makeup can be harmful, breathing too can be harmful as the air contains toxins and many other activities we do can be harmful, even sex. With that put in mind, we should aim to avoid products that contain a high content of those harmful chemicals discussed above.

Furthermore, having more free makeup-free days can also help you live a reduced risk of getting skin problems caused by makeup.

There are many makeup products that claim to be toxic-free. To be sure, aways read the ingredients in search of harmful products. If possible, avoid products with a high content of chemicals.

Many DIY products can be toxic-free if you use natural ingredients. Talking about makeup and natural ways, I wrote an article on how to remove makeup naturally. The article will help you choose products from your kitchen that can help you remove makeup naturally with fewer chemicals.

Is going makeup-free safe and going to save your skin?

is makeup safe

When you experience skin reactions you think are caused by makeup, it is advisable to stop its use as you learn more about the product you think might have caused the problem.

Since some makeup products can be dehydrating, skin-irritating, and can cause other reactions, they are not safe and going makeup-free might save your skin or not.

In the case of negative reactions, go to a dermatologist to know the real cause of the skin reactions. It may not be with your makeup but rather the lotions or creams you use. Therefore, in case of reactions lookout for harmful chemicals in all your ”look-good” products including shampoos, shower gels, makeup, lotions, and creams.

Trying a makeup-free day can help heal your body. Makeup can disrupt the skin’s natural healing and health causing dryness, oiliness, redness, pale, breakouts, and many others. A makeup-free day will mean a chance for the skin to heal in its natural form.

It is also advisable to sleep makeup-free as sleeping with makeup will greatly ruin your skin.

However, makeup or cosmetics may not be the cause of bad or irritated skin.

Your diet also influences the look of your skin. You are what you eat and a poor diet can lead to skin breakouts, reactions, and poor health.

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The Summary

Going makeup-free is usually hard to keep up to that’s why being selective of your makeup can be of advantage. Before you engage in the use of new products, read all the ingredients, and avoid those with a lot of chemicals.

Avoid cheap brands as these usually are the ones with cheap and harmful ingredients. Invest in quality makeup as this will help you avoid dangerous chemicals.

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